2021 Rehabilitator and Equipment Grant Winners

All applicants have been informed of the Grants’ results.

The winners are:

Name Group Grant Summary Grant Amount Report
Anna Dicker Australian Seabird Rescue, Central Coast Pump for tanks for rehabilitation of marine wildlife $2 000.00 Download Report
Tiga Cross Dolphin Marine Rescue Animal Trust, Coffs Harbour Bespoke carry sretchers for injured marine wildlife $1 200.00 Download Report
Sue Ashton FAWNA Multi purpose aviary for birds and arboreal mammals $1 969.00 Download Report
Susan Blackwood FAWNA Aviary for water and other birds with soft flooring and pond $1 830.00 Download Report
Claire Agnew Friends of the Koala, Lismore Assortment of rescue poles and nets to allow high reach for koalas requiring rescue $2 500.00 Download Report
Kaye Holdsworth Independent General Licensee, Hunter LGA Shadecloth lining for large bird of prey aviary $2 000.00 Extension given for report
Lindsay Hayes Independent General Licensee, Narrandera Equipment for koala rescue, transport and personal protection $651.00 Download Report
Miriam Hazel NARG, Southern Tablelands Multiple aviaries for arboreal mammals $2 197.00 Extension given for report
Kathleen Dalton NATF, Hunter LGA Aviary for rehabilitation of possums $2 500.00 Download Report
Julia Rose Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers Inc. New England Components for “fit-out” of emergency rescue trailer $1 000.00 Download Report
Catriena Naughtin NRWC, Northern Rivers Portable mesh enclosure for pre-creche orphan flying-fox pups $548.00 Download Report
Cheryl Cochran NRWC, Northern Rivers Transportable possum release aviary $2 500.00 Download Report
Madison Meredith NRWC, Northern Rivers An Intensive Care Unit for wildlife neonates requiring warmth and stable temp and humidity. $1 980.93 Download Report
Adair Denshire Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers Inc. New England An Intensive Care Unit for wildlife neonates requiring warmth and stable temp and humidity. $1 450.00 Download Report
Leesa Pratt ORRCA Inc., NSW Coastal waters Dolphin rescue mat $2 420.00 Download Report
Helen Semmens Rescue & Rehabilitation of Australian Native Animals, Far West Large enclosure for soft-release of rehabilitated Macropods $2 500.00 Download Report
Alissa Willacott Wildcare Queanbeyan Trailer mounted mobile aviary $2 500.00 Download Report
Annette Moore Wildlife Aid, Upper Hunter Wombat indoor enclosure $597.05 Download Report
Steve Garlick NARG Fencing for macropod release facility $2 500.00 Download Report
Ray and Marie Wynan WRSC, South Coast Part grant funding for burrows and indoor wombat facilities $2 000.00 Download Report
Value of grants awarded for 2021 $36 843.93