Media ImageAs the peak policy body in NSW representing over 4,000 wildlife rehabilitators, the NWC is on occasion required to give its view on issues related to wildlife rehabilitation and management in NSW.

Keeping the public informed of these issues via the media is part of the NWC’s responsibility to its members.

11/1/2013 – Media Release – Flying-fox colonies & wildlife carers latest victims of searing heat
According to wildlife carers, the continuing heat wave across NSW, Victoria and Tasmania is having a devastating effect on wildlife and the carers are confronted with unprecedented numbers of deceased or injured animals. One of Australia’s most misunderstood animals, the flying-fox, is facing a disaster of unprecedented proportions. With temperatures repeatedly reaching the high 30°s, humans, livestock, pets and wildlife are facing daily threats.

7/9/2012 – Media Release – Changes to QLD Law to Allow Killing of Flying Foxes
The NSW Wildlife Council, representing more than 4,500 wildlife rehabilitators in NSW, is outraged by the amendment to the Queensland Nature Conservation (Wildlife Management) Regulation 2006, which comes into force today. It was proposed by Shane Knuth MP and has been accepted even though it has no scientific validity, is unethical and flawed from a legal perspective, according to flying-fox rehabilitators on both sides of the NSW/Qld border.

7/9/2012 – Media Release – NWC Announces Awarding of 2012 Wildlife Carer Grants
The NSW Wildlife Council (NWC) is pleased to announce that its trial grant program has recently resulted in 5 x $1,000 grants being awarded.

23/9/2011 – Media Release – Senate Koala Inquiry
The NSW Wildlife Council representing some 4,500 wildlife carers, commends the work of the Senate Committee and its Report on the status, health and sustainability of the koala.

18/5/2010 – Media Release – Minister Garrett re: Grey-headed Flying Fox Relocation
The NWC is dismayed that Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has approved the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens to disperse a colony of Grey-headed Flying Foxes. Links to a letter from the RBG Trust giving notification of the relocation and a flyer produced by the RBG Trust giving justification for the grey-headed flying fox relocation are attached for reference.

30/3/2010 – Media Release – Logging of Habitat Threatens Koalas
Voluntary wildlife rehabilitators across the State are appalled at the Government’s wanton disregard for the habitat of the last known koala population on the Far South Coast of NSW