2019 Rehabilitator and Equipment Grant Winners

2019 NWC Grant Winners

In announcing the NWC grants at the group’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday 18 August, re-elected Chair, Audrey Koosmen said:

“how pleased we are to be able to help volunteer wildlife rehabilitators in New South Wales through the Annual Grants Scheme again this year”

She added

“there were fifteen quality grant applications received to be chosen from the total budget of a maximum of $10,000.  The applicants were not identified and a secret ballot was taken of members present at the Council’s weekend meetings.”

All applicants have been informed of the Grants results.

The winners are:

Name Group Grant Summary Grant Amount Grant Report
Chris Baker Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers Assistance towards construction materials of a 20x10x4 metre Bird of Prey aviary $1216.00 Download
Judith Fielsen Hunter Wildlife Rescue Aviary project cancelled and unused funds returned $1989.00 Download
Diana Woodward & Geoff Roggenkamp F.A.W.N.A. (NSW) Inc Macropod – nursery pen fitout and upgrade $2000.00 Download
Lorita Clapson WIRES Mid-South Coast Branch 6x9x1.5 metre wombat pre-release enclosure $2000.00 Download
Cheryl Cochran Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers Intensive Care Unit for marsupial joeys, baby birds and juvenile flying-foxes $1075.00 Download
Jaimie Sealby Wildlife ARC Housing, lighting, heating & temperature control for reptiles and land turtles $893.00 Download
2019 Total Grant Amounts $9476.00