The 2018 NWC grant winners were announced at the 2018 NWC AGM.

The winners are:

Name Group Grant Summary Grant Amount Grant Report
Kerstin Schweth Wildlife Rescue South Coast 9m x 7m x 1.5m enclosure for housing rehabilitating wombats and koalas $2,000.00 Download
Diane Hinton Wildcare Queanbeyan 7m x 4m x 4m Raptor aviary extension $2,000.00 Download
Julie Reid Friends of the Koala Vetarie T50M intensive care unit and humidifier for koala joeys $2,000.00 Download
Jacqueline O’Neill ORRCA Surveillance drone for marine mammals $2,000.00 Download
Christine Nolan FAWNA Macropod pre and release enclosure $1,911.00 Download
2018 Total Grant amounts   $9,911.00