2022-2023 Rehabilitator and Equipment Grant Winners

All applicants have been informed of the Grants results.

The winners are:

Applicant Name Group Name Grant Total Project Summary Report
Attrill, Wendy Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers $1817.00 3×1.5×2.1M Flying-fox Creche aviary Download Report
Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue, Ballina $2000.00 Brinsea TLC40 Advance ICU incl car inverter & delivery Download Report
Cornell, Sharnie Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue, Central Coast $1850.00 Brinsea TLC40 Advance ICU incl car inverter & delivery Download Report
Olive, Robert Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue $2805.00 Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Tank filtration unit Funds returned to NWC as project didn’t go ahead.
Dolphin Marine Rescue Dolphin Marine Rescue $1834.00 1.5 x 2.3 x 1.8M Seabird Aviary Download Report
F.A.W.N.A. (NSW) INC F.A.W.N.A. (NSW) INC $4000.00 5 X 4.8 X2M Multi species demountable aviary Download Report
Fernance, Kelly F.A.W.N.A. (NSW) INC $2885.00 5×2.4x2M Multi species demountable aviary Download Report
Winner, Cheryl F.A.W.N.A. (NSW) INC $1400.00 Brinsea TLC40 Advance EX Intensive Care Unit Download Report
Dawning, Jen Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers $2168.00 10 x 10 x 2M Macropod enclosure shade clothed Download Report
Northern Tablelands WildlifeCarers Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers $2500.00 Repair & Refurbish 20x10x4M Raptor Aviary damaged in storm Download Report
Megan Robinson Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers $3674.00 3 x 2 x 2M Multi purpose marsupial aviary Download Report
Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers $2000.00 Brinsea TLC50 Advance ICU. Download Report
Susan Brookhouse Independent GL $1140.00 40x20x2M Macropod yard repairs/replacement Download Report
Sunraysia Wildlife Carers Inc Sunraysia Wildlife Carers Inc $2568.00 Renovation of Macropod enclosure colourbond fence Download Report
Paananen, Paula Wildlife A.R.C $3860.00 Feed and crèche cage to complete large flying-fox release complex Download Report
Samantha Bishop Wildlife A.R.C $1974.00 Vivarium large Download Report
Wildlife A.R.C Wildlife A.R.C $1400.00 $1400 Wildlife Rehab Equipment of GROUP choice Download Report
Oliver, Elizabeth Wildcare Queanbeyan $4000.00 Conversion of 5.5 x 3.5 x 2.4M structure to a Rehabilitation and wildlife transport hub facility Download Report
Wildcare Queanbeyan Wildcare Queanbeyan $2900.00 2 OF 1.5 X 1 X 1.5m Elevated immediate care aviaries Download Report
Willacott, Alyssa Wildcare Queanbeyan $1950.00 Brinsea TLC50 (Priority) at $1950 (ICU is priority) Download Report
Trista Kyriacou Wildlife Rescue South Coast $2870.00 Brinsea ICU Download Report
Wildlife In Need of Care W.I.N.C Wildlife In Need of Care W.I.N.C $3341.00 Trailer Mounted release cage for possums, gliders and birds Funds Retured to NWC
Value of grants offered $51,595.00