2020 Rehabilitator and Equipment Grant Winners

All applicants have been informed of the Grants results.

The winners are:

Name Group Grant Summary Grant Total Report
Dominique Jacobs FAWNA Macropod joey enclosure extension to allow spelling $1750.00 Download Report
NTWC NTWC Flying-fox rescue & care equipment to kit out 12 carers to help other groups overflow $1859.94 Download Report
NRWC NRWC Water tanker for misting in flying-fox camps in heat stress events – 1000 litres $2000.00 Download Report
Shari Armstrong ASR Intermediate aviary sea, shore & waterbirds $1280.00 Download Report
Duan March Dolphin Marine Water heater for prerelease marine reptile pool $2000.00 Download Report
Chris Baker NTWC Raptor intermediate aviary netting $2000.00 Download Report
Paula Paananen Wildlife Arc Flying-fox creche aviary $1995.00 Download Report
Philip & Belinda Donovan WRSC Nursery pen extensions to be adaptable to multiple size enclosures-Cost $14250 $2000.00 Download Report
Bill Waterhouse NARG Intensive care wombat enclosure in existing
structure-Cost $4500
$2000.00 Download Report
Suzy Nethercott-Watson Wildcare Queanbeyan Macropod shelter shed and water tank $2000.00 Download Report
Gabbi Armstrong WRSC Small macropod joey run adjacent to large enclosure $655.00 Download Report
ORRCA ORRCA 4 HiOptic binoculars for marine mammal research, inspection and monitoring $2000.00 Download Report
Value of grants awarded for 2020 $21 540.84