Wildlife Carer Grants Scheme

Injured Wombat

Injured Wombat undergoing surgery

In 2012, The NSW Wildlife Council began trialling a small grants program to help rehabilitators with the costs of either purchasing equipment or with building animal enclosures. The 2012 round of grants saw 5 groups each receive $1000 to help with very worthwhile projects.

Applications for the round of grants are open between 01 June to the 30th July each year.

Rehabilitation is a costly enterprise. The NWC would like to assist its members with some of the more expensive projects that restore to health to our injured, ill or orphaned native animals. The initial grant fund is $5,000 per year which will be evenly distributed among five successful applicants, each receiving $1,000.

This inaugural grants project is funded directly by the NWC. We welcome enquiries for future sponsorship of this scheme so we can continue to support our carers in their life-saving work.

Below are the links to each year’s finalists: