Welcome to the NSW Wildlife Council (NWC) Winter Newsletter

Welcome to the NSW Wildlife Council Inc Newsletter.

I wish to thank Leesa who kindly took up the role as our Newsletter Editor.

NWC Winter Newsletter Image of Kangaroo Joey
Joey – Photo courtesy of Sonja Elwood

We are very excited to have our Newsletter happening again as we wish to showcase great stories from our many valued member groups and share with you all the issues regarding our wildlife in NSW.

Our NWC Newsletter we hope will give us another tool to use to network further with other groups and the community on all matters dealing with wildlife.

Happy reading everyone, please make sure you share our news with your groups.

The Rehabilitator Survey idenƟfied that a lot of individuals in member groups knew very little or nothing about the NWC and how it represented the wildlife rehabilitation sector. By sharing this Newsletter your members will gain a better understanding of the NWC.

We welcome contributions of news stories and interesƟng animal arƟcles with our Newsletter Editor. The Newsletter is your opportunity to share with other groups in NSW what has been happening in your region.

With warmest regards, Audrey Koosmen. Chair of NSW Wildlife Council Inc.