Reptile Enclosure Report

NWC 2016 Grants – Reptile Enclosure Report – Rowan Wigmore, Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers

Thanks to the NWC for a grant of $1000.00 to make a reptile enclosure. The fund request was submitted for an enclosure and accoutrements which came to a little over $1000. When I came to source the products I was overwhelmed by the generosity of local businesses when I informed them of what I was making and that it was for wildlife rehabilitation.

Lismore Joinery works offered to supply and cut-to-size the marine plywood and were willing to supply sufficient for two enclosures as they had a surplus sheet. I accepted their kind offer and rethought whether two could be made for the price.

Donations of heat pads and a discount by the glazier and electrician made it achievable although I have gone over-budget by $30 and have yet to purchase another heat controller for the second enclosure as yet. I expect that I will be $204.00 over budget but will have two enclosures!