Government flags ban

Government flags ban on wildlife carers treating injured & orphaned kangaroos

An Australian state government wants to ban wildlife shelters from treating injured kangaroos, wombats, possums and cockatoos, claiming they’re “over-abundant” species.

Kanga pouch

The Victorian government has published a discussion paper outlining proposed changes to wildlife management regulations and is seeking public comment on the review.

It also flags a crackdown on wildlife carers releasing rehabilitated kangaroos and wombats on to their properties in rural areas, claiming this can result in ” unnaturally high concentrations of released wildlife” with  “significant impacts” for neighbours.

The discussion paper, prepared by the Victorian government’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, is canvassing public opinion on changes that could make it easier to issue Authority to Control Wildlife permits. These are basically permitted to kill or “remove” wildlife such as kangaroos and wombats or to use nets and acoustic devices to scare birds.

According to the paper, the Victorian government issued more than 4,000 permits for lethal and non-lethal control of wildlife in 2017. It says  2,732 of these permits for were eastern grey kangaroos, 252 were for wombats and 109 for Australian wood ducks.

“The aim of the review is to develop stakeholder informed recommendations on how to improve the ATCW (Authority to Control Wildlife) system so that it sensibly balances the needs of Victoria’s human and wildlife populations,” it says. Yep, the bureaucrat lingo is dense and aims to obfuscate……

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