Anticoagulant rodenticides

Primary and secondary poisoning of native wildlife

Scientific and empirical evidence has been drawn upon to illustrate the significant threats from anticoagulant rodenticides (ARs) to biodiversity, food webs, ecological function, and the health of wildlife,
domestic pets, and humans. I have included links to relevant research which exists in the public domain, reports and material sourced from a range of incorporated communities, environmental and wildlife rescue/rehabilitation groups, and peak bodies.

As the body of evidence accumulates, awareness of the hazards posed by ARs continues to grow.
Researchers, professionals, community members, and advocacy groups are voicing their concerns with
policymakers and elected representatives.

As a result, regulations are being introduced (or strengthened) internationally to restrict access to (and use of) these dangerous products. Prevention is key. Short-term ‘solutions’ are ultimately ineffective. The time is now for retailers to play their part to reduce the toll upon wildlife whilst making the environment and community safer, by discontinuing the sale of these poisons to the general community.

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