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Whale rescue at Crowdy Bay

A juvenile humpback whale was rescued on Tuesday afternoon off Indian Head, south of Port Macquarie. The whale had become tangled in rope from fishing traps.

Andy Marshall from the National Parks and Wildlife Service said a Harrington couple was bushwalking and noticed splashing and buoys floating in the ocean about 300m offshore from Indian Head in the Crowdy Bay National Park.

See the full article at http://www.camdencourier.com.au/story/4697273/whale-rescue-off-indian-head-video-photos/

Welcome NSW environment minister

Gabrielle Upton
Congratulations to Minister for the Environment, Gabrielle Upton from NSW Wildlife Council and its affliated wildlife groups and defenders of all local wildlife.

Article about Flying-foxes

Here’s a great article and information on Flying-foxes

One quarter of all mammal species in the world are bats, which belong to the order Chiroptera, meaning ‘handwinged’.Bats can be divided into two suborders:

  • Megabats (Megachiroptera), which includes flying-foxes, as well as the lesser known tubenosed bats andblossom bats.
  • Microbats (Microchiroptera), which are smaller insectivorous bats. Megabats differ greatly from microbats (see Table 1 in the attached article); their main similarities are that they are the only winged mammals and are primarily nocturnal.

Download and read the full article

Reptile Enclosure Report

NWC 2016 Grants – Reptile Enclosure Report – Rowan Wigmore, Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers

Thanks to the NWC for a grant of $1000.00 to make a reptile enclosure. The fund request was submitted for an enclosure and accoutrements which came to a little over $1000. When I came to source the products I was overwhelmed by the generosity of local businesses when I informed them of what I was making and that it was for wildlife rehabilitation. (more…)

2016 Ticks, Carers & Wildlife

As wildlife rehabilitators, conscious of the doctrine to “do no harm”, we need to do all we can to ensure our young wildlife charges get the opportunity to be exposed to ticks as young as possible.

Read the attached PDF document about the Paralysis Tick for Carers & Wildlife

Strategic Wombat 2017

The Wombat Protection Society of Australia is pleased to announce a conference to further knowledge, update understanding and develop strategies for the protection and preservation of



2016 NWC grant winners

The winners of the NWC 2016 rehabilitation grants have been announced. The winners are:

  1. Christine Parkes – Snowy Mountains Wildlife Rescue-LAOKO
  2. Julie Shean, Australian Seabird Rescue
  3. Rowan Wigmore, Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers
  4. Philip and Belinda Donovan, Wildlife Rescue South Coast
  5. Carole-Ann McGarry, Hunter Wildlife Rescue-NATF

Full details can be found below