Conversations that matter for wildlife volunteers

Online Wildlife and Nature Sketch Journaling Course for Wildlife Volunteers

As a dispersed national community of wildlife volunteers, we rarely have time to have conversations that give voice to what we are experiencing and how we are feeling.

To explore this in a supportive and caring environment Two Green Threads have partnered up with the Quest for Life Foundation to offer a FREE 1-day course where we can safely explore the conversations that matter for us as volunteers in this sector.

The day will be led by Quest For Life’s CEO and Founder Petrea King.

The Quest for Life Foundation is a highly regarded not-for-profit skilled at navigating programs and community-based workshops that encourage, educate and empower people to improve their resilience and peace of mind during difficult times. The Foundation has 32 years of experience assisting people living with trauma to find hope, healing and peace.

Why we are offering this course now

Over the last decade, in particular, wildlife have experienced loss and change in their natural environments, and this has directly impacted upon them, and the wildlife volunteers who choose to support and assist.

The reasons we become wildlife volunteers are many and varied, but what holds true is that by undertaking our role we can open ourselves up to emotional, physical and mental vulnerability. The delight and privilege to be able to give wildlife a safe space, help them grow and recover, and then reconnect with nature can be highly challenging and daunting, but at the same time it is very, very special.

One of the ‘why’s’ of Two Green Threads is to create safe spaces to navigate the challenges of our volunteer journey. You won’t be pressured to talk, and sometimes there is a benefit in hearing you are not the only one feeling a similar way.

Course Dates and Locations

We are offering the ‘Conversations that Matter for Wildlife Volunteers’ course in the following locations and dates.


When: 12th June, 9.30am to 1.30pm. We suggest logging in 5-10 mins before.
Where: Held via Zoom – details will be provided on registration.


When: 26th June, 10am to 3.45pm, with substantial breaks throughout the day.
Where: TBC
Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

More information can be found at