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Donating to the NWC

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All donations to NSW Wildlife Council will be allocated to a Special Purposes Budget to be used specifically for projects that will directly benefit wildlife needing assistance.

These projects include:

  • expenses of member groups in dealing with Emergencies affecting wildlife e.g. wildfire, flood and other extreme weather events
  • partial funding of the annual grants program of $5000 to assist five member group volunteers with their capital expenses related to construction of wildlife rehabilitation facilities and projects

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

To donate directly into our bank account the details are:
Name: NWC Public Fund
BSB:  032691
Account Number: 472838

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Wildlife Drought and Fire Recovery Fund

The NSW Wildlife Council (NWC) as the peak body for wildlife rehabilitation groups in NSW works to achieve optimal outcomes for our wildlife.

Since early January 2020 more than 90% of the NWC land-based voluntary wildlife rescue member groups are affected by fires with the remaining 10% operating in areas experiencing years of the lowest ever recorded rainfall. 

The scale of these fires is devastating for wildlife with figures of 4.9 million hectares now reported burnt in NSW.  These areas once represented important and, in some cases, vital, native wildlife refuge habitat.

The NWC Wildlife Drought and Fire Recovery Fund aims to provide long term recovery support to its volunteer NWC wildlife rescue and rehabilitation groups in NSW.

The NWC recognises the long term impact of these 2019/2020 fires and the continuing drought.  Support and care of our wildlife and actions to restore their habitat will be needed for months and years. 

Our wildlife now faces three compounding threats: 

  • the ongoing severe drought has already greatly compromised wildlife and reduced the quality and availability of feed
  • the initial loss of wildlife from the fires; followed by the cumulative effects as they succumb to injury and psychological trauma.
  • the of loss of habitat offering necessary shelter and the food resources needed for survival

Displaced surviving wildlife from fire-zones is now vulnerable, confused, possibly injured and stressed.

The NWC is grateful for the generous public support to our wildlife during this very challenging time and asks for continued support to our member groups through the NWC Wildlife Drought and Fire Recovery Fund.

NWC land-based rescue groups that are fire affected include:

NWC Land Based Rescue Groups in Severe Drought: