Wombat Enclosure Report

Date Granted: 29 August 2016

Grant Number: 4

Grant Recipient: Philip and Belinda Donovan

Project Description: Wombat Enclosure Facility

First 3 monthly – PROGRESS REPORT:

When the grant application was submitted in July 2016, three of the proposed six wombat enclosures had been completed to the point they could safely enclose wombats in care. Since the application was submitted, we have hired the services of an excavator to dig trenching along the perimeter fence of the remainder of the entire area enclosing the six individual wombat enclosures. This involved six and half hours of excavation work that was carried out by local excavating contractor: Turtle Earthworks at a rate of $80: per hour bringing the cost of excavation hire to a total of $520.00 (Receipt attached)

This subsequently enabled the vertical extension of the fence down until a layer of shale rock was encountered at a depth of approximately 1 metre encountered consistently around the entire remainder of the perimeter fence. This involved fixing sheets of iron onto the lower horizontal beam of the existing perimeter fence and down into the excavated trench. Starting at one end, the sheets were sequentially laid and secured to the lower wooden horizontal beams. A pre-existing double gate entrance was decreased to half its original size and the original other half was converted into an extension of the fixed fencing which also extended vertically into the ground.

Many hours of labour were involved in securing the iron sheets to the fence and even more to transfer the excavated clay back into the excavated trench. This aspect of the task is only half completed so far, but once the area was deemed escape proof and safe, the four wombats previously housed in the nursery were successfully transferred into the new larger enclosure. In due course, this larger enclosure will be divided into the final 3 to complete the six enclosures.

As the new year progresses, I will need to purchase ongoing timber, fixings and further excavation hire to complete the task.

Rest assured the grant is very much appreciated and I can guarantee it will be spent wisely in the 2017 year to complete this wombat facility. I hope you are satisfied that the grant is being will spent as it will contribute to this much-needed facility as we continue to rehabilitate and care for more of our injured and orphaned wombats.

Yours Sincerely

Phil and Belinda Donovan