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Help count koalas for conservation – join the 2015 national Koala Count!

The Koala Count is an innovative citizen science survey conducted annually by the National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) that anyone can take part in! This year, the national survey will run from 7-22 November. By participating in this count, you help to build a more comprehensive picture of koala numbers and locations across Australia. The survey is repeated each year over the same period to show trends in koala populations, movement and habitat use over time.

This year, NPA has teamed up with NatureMapr to create a new GPS-enabled smartphone app which participants will use to record their koala sightings. If you don’t own a smartphone you can enter your sightings directly to the Koala Count website at www.koalacount.org.au.

Your sightings will then be fed into the publically accessible Atlas of Living Australia where they complement existing records and where you can view all of your records, as well as those made by others.

Information collected during the count provides a valuable resource for planning future koala conservation projects and helps more effective koala management strategies to be developed.

How to get involved

To participate in this fun survey, all you need to do is register at www.koalacount.org.au or download the NatureMapr app from Google Play or iTunes. You are then ready to go out and count koalas any time between the 7th to 22nd November. You can do as many or as few counts as you like over the three weeks – even a single survey makes a valuable contribution.

You are invited to share your stories and experiences about the count on NPA’s Koala Count Facebook page, www.facebook.com.au/KoalaCount to encourage others to get involved.

You can also the join the conversation on Twitter using #KoalaCount.

Join this fun survey today and help make a difference for our iconic marsupial!